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How we support YOU

At Jacob's Well Ministries, we are committed to reuniting the individual with the family and the family with the community. We offer a range of advocacy services to support our residents in their journey towards recovery. Our services include assistance with Child Protective Services (CPS) cases, drug court advocacy, and re-entry services. We understand that recovery is a complex process, and we are committed to providing our resident's with the they need to succeed.


Incarceration Alternatives

70% of drug offenders in Mississippi and surrounding southern states are repeat offenders. This is why we offer an alternative to incarceration by working with the individual to get to the root cause of addiction. We send regular updates including drug testing to the proper agencies. Call us if you or your loved one is facing charges or is currently incarcerated.

Child Protective Services Advocacy

Family breakdown has long-lasting effects on communities. Children from single-parent families are more likely to face such as teen pregnancy, obesity, drug abuse, and criminal behavior. Our program helps parents in recovery to address the root causes of their destructive behaviors and provides a supportive environment for them to reintroduce their children back into their lives. We offer safe and sober living opportunities for mothers and their children in our newly constructed duplexes.


Re-Entry Services

The transition from residential recovery back to the community can be challenging. That is why we offer transitional living programs that help the resident obtain employment, pay off fines, learn budgeting, and maintain therapeutic support. We also work with the resident to connect them with their higher education goals.

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