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A New Direction in 3 Easy Steps


1. Contact us to set up your interview

Our Admissions Officer will help you set up your interview with the Director! Congrats on taking the first step to a new life.

Thanks for submitting!

2. Fill Out Your Application

Take 10-15 minutes to complete the Application below. If  you choose to complete the paper Application, email to

3. Schedule Your Intake & Prepare for Your New Life!

We will process your application and call you to schedule an intake. While you wait, feel free to download our campus packet.

  • What Does The Program Include?
    Housing, Meals, Group Sessions, Parenting Classes, Anger Management Classes, Medical, Dental, Vision, Medical Transport, Group and Individual Counseling, Trade Training, etc.
  • How Much Does it Cost?
    While most programs cost $30-$1000 a day, $19 a day covers all of your expenses included in our 6-month program. Because we are not a medical facility, we cannot take insurance at this time. Full payment of $3500 is due on the day of your intake.
  • Are Scholarships Available?
    Our program costs are significantly reduced to give as many families as possible access to recovery. We encourage you to reach out to churches and loved ones if you still need financial sponsorship.
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