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Incarceration Alternatives and Court Orders

The current rate of recidivism in Mississippi and other surrounding southern states is about 70%. This means for every 3 people that are incarcerated for their first drug charge, 2 of them will continue being incarcerated one or more times afterwards. Prison isn't working because we are punishing broken, hurting people and putting them in a situation where they are only surrounded by others deep in the criminal lifestyle. Long story short, when our loved ones are imprisoned for drug charges, they're simply being taught how to be a better criminal, rather than being loved back to life. We work with the court systems to provide an alternative to incarceration so that your loved one does not get caught up in the cycle of the system. We focus on getting to the root cause of the deviant behavior so that your loved one can experience true freedom and become a contributing member of the family and community.


Also, in certain counties, your local courts will work with you to have your loved one legally committed to our program if their addiction is significantly affecting their ability to lead a safe, healthy life. 

Call our office now if your loved one is incarcerated or facing pending charges. We will work with your lawyer and the court systems to determine if a court ordered stay is a viable alternative for you.


Child Protective Services Advocacy

The family unit is the cornerstone for all communities. When the family unit is broken, the ripple effect is felt for generations.


In families with an absent father or mother, children are 7x more likely to become pregnant as a teen, more likely to have behavioral problems and face abuse and neglect. The children are 2x more likely to suffer obesity or drop out of high school. They are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, go to prison, and commit a crime themselves. 

In our primary program, we work with mothers and fathers in recovery to heal and address root causes of their destructive behaviors. After completing the first 6 months, we provide an accountable transition program where we help our residents gain employment, pay off legal fees, go to school and continue their sobriety with support from our staff. Then we advocate with CPS or the residents family to begin introducing the children back into their life, while still in a structured, supportive, accountable environment.

We have newly constructed duplexes in our True Vine program to give mothers and their children safe, secure, sober living opportunities. We have advocated for many residents in conjunction with CPS and their families that utilized temporary custody agreements during their initial recovery. 


If you or your loved one has lost custody of children for drug related reasons, call our office to see if we are a good fit for the restoration of your family. If you need recovery but do not have childcare available, call us and we will connect with local families to assist you in your healing process. 

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